Essential ERPis not just a software but a complete Business Solution integrated across the entire value chain which creates an information infrastructure for efficient planning and effective execution. An On-line, Real Time system. This means that when data is entered into the Essential ERP system, it is processed and stored immediately. This “real time” information is up-to-date and available for others to use immediately.
This system will tracks product sales across multiple locations & provides a consolidated picture of dispersed & compli-cated sales analysis. This solution has already been implemented in industries like Pharmaceuticals , Healthcare & FMCG.

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Sales & Distribution

It covers Inventory , Purchase Order, Purchase, Purchase Return, Stock Transfer, Stock Inward, Stock Adjustment, Sales Order, Invoices , Sales Return for Saleable & Non Saleable Goods , Replacement Note , Scheme Management, VAT Register

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HRMS with Payroll

Payroll covers Salary Gener-ation, Leave Management , Attendance Register , Loan, Advance , Arrear , Allowances, Expenses, ESI , EPF, TDS etc. HR covers Recruitment, Ap-pointment, Transfer, Promo-tion, Employee Details , etc.

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It covers Supplier Payment , Customer Receipt, Debit Note , Credit Note, Cheque Bounce , Party Ledger , Out-standing , Aging , VAT Compu-tation , Cheque Printing , Rec-onciliation of Payments & Re-ceipts etc.

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It covers Tour Program, Daily Report , Order Booking , Ex-pense, Target , Secondary Mgmt. , Promotional Product Mgmt, Attendance & Leave Register Mobile APP available with Offline Data Entry, GPS Location Tracking & sync data feature

Features & Benefits

  • Integrates across the entire Value Chain
  • Monitoring All India sales, sales returns, expiry, breakage & spoilt goods
  • stock, ageing of inventory, stock in transit, near expiry liquidation etc.
  • Field force can check Sales Data, Outstanding, Collection at their logins
  • Maintain Price List CSA Wise Station Wise Stockiest Wise at Head Officet
  • Covers all business dimensions, Process, People, Structure, Technology
  • Provides on-line information , Flexible, Scalable, Secure, Proven
  • All Documents can be Export in Excel, PDF or Word Formats
  • Integrated With Email & SMS Services
  • Print documents at Both , Dot-Matrix & Laser Printer
  • Complete Package with modules (SCM + HRMS + Payroll + Finance + SFA)
  • All Controls at Head Office End